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Dragonboater Pewter Necklace (unisex)

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Model: T8_AC3-01
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- Hand made in Canada using lead-free pewter

- These pendants come with an adjustable black waxed cotton cord with in-built adjuster for length



The original design is engraved into a heat-tolerant plastic.


This design is placed between two pieces of rubber in an 'oven' under intense pressure for roughly 2 hours (vulcanizing.) The rubber forms around the design and takes its shape. The original is removed.



A brick of pewter is melted in a pot. Liquid metal is ladeled into the prepared rubber mold (at about 550 F). After the metal cools and the pieces of rubber are separated, there is a rough casting of the design.



Each piece is ground down and cleaned by hand. The recessed areas are blackened, cleaned and tumbled. A buffing wheel is used to give a final satin finish to the front and sides. The piece is hung on a cord, and packaged.

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