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Our mission is to enable you to enjoy your happy place knowing you have the best equipment on offer.

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Our Main Suppliers

Zaveral Racing Equipment

Since 1973, ZRE has been an ultimate producer of high-performance paddles.

They continually adapt the latest aerospace materials and design techniques to the sporting industry. That’s why Zav’s have stood alone as the choice for elite racers around the world.

The lighter weight and superior characteristics of their paddles will result in a faster, less-fatiguing, and more enjoyable sporting experience for every enthusiast!

Hornet Watersports

On the water, your paddle is an extension of who you are. At Hornet, we work closely with artists to create designs for all styles and tastes to build a paddle that fits your personality! It’s not just about the graphics -- we strive to produce the most technologically advanced products in our field. Our dragon boat paddles are IDBF certified and the quality of our SUP paddles will exceed the expectations of any seasoned pro. We also have a variety of accessory products.

Vapor Fitness

Manufacturer and distributor of silicone made fitness products.

Our aim is to create innovative products that exceed expectation. 

Featured collection

Heart pumping action at the CHAR

Photo credit: Sarah Robertson

Having just had a stroke, paddling with normal paddles is a strain, with my ZRE I can go on all day...


The Hornet paddles are so vibrant, they make me stand out amongst the sea of black paddles :)


I had a Hornet seat pad from you 6 years ago. the best seat pad ever.